I gave in and now I’m poor

I gave in and now I’m almost poor. I bought an apple watch, after seeing so many of my colleagues and friends wearing one. Am I happy, yes definitely. Did I thought it would be more groundbreaking, yes definitely. Was it worth a month of feeling poor, meeh…

I can not even tell what else I expected, but after all the glorification from media and some of my friends and did expect a tad bit more. What? Not sure tbh.

I did some painting in Saturday and Sunday but the watch did not register it nor did I even reach my daily goal. Like whaaat, please that was an actual workout. Additionally I needed to delete the calm app because I would constantly turn itself on. In the middle of the night, out of nowhere there would be rainforest sounds. I mean there are worse ways of being woken up but still a no thanks from me.

You probably wonder, your poor just because of an apple watch? You dumbass! Well not really poor, but my main bank account is drained. I did forget that I have a monthly saving going on and I stead of Turing that one off for a month, I did save and spend my available money all at once… Does that even make sense? There you are, English is not mother tongue nor my second language. But at this point let me tell you, if my langue school would have to be paid, I would have survived on noodles and rice, which wouldn’t be that bad.